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Greg has run happiness workshops for high school and university students, parents of teenagers, actors and musicians, and a series of seminars in most major U.S. cities helping architects designs happier environments.

Based on the FosterHicks System, Greg developed and runs the popular Pathways Program at UCSF Med Center that gives women in all stages of breast cancer a practical roadmap for a greater sense of control, resilience, and purpose. As presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Conference, the results of a recent study showed that his program decreased levels of anxiety and depression and increased psychological flexibility in cancer survivors.

Other programs include Choosing Happiness and Health for chronic disease management through the Phyllis Newman Woman’s Health Initiative, Seniors in Crisis for the Actors’ Fund of America, and Greg and Rick’s Personal Leader Program, a one-day session that empowers people to take control of their lives by making nine conscious choices which lead to successful relationships and careers.

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