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A first of its kind, Greg and Rick’s debut book, How We Choose to Be Happy – the 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People (Putnam, 1999) became an immediate bestseller. Published in 22 languages, it was selected by the Book of the Month Club as a “Best Book of the Year” and was nominated as “Best Motivational Book” by the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award.

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In 2003, Hicks wrote LeaderShock – And How to Triumph Over It 

(McGraw-Hill). Based on the FosterHicks system, it was selected by Amazon as the #2 best business book of the year.

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Based on a wealth of medical research as well as hundreds of interviews with patients and doctors, Greg and Rick wrote Happiness & Health (Penguin, 2009). This guide to the new science of positive behavior and attitude, provides the reader with a roadmap to a better life through enhanced brain and immune function.


Their most recent offering, a charming yet provacative children’s book, The Martha is Mine, is an almost-true tale about possessions, prejudice, and the power of community

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