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Greg Hicks first gained national attention in the late 1990’s as a pioneer in happiness and its connection to health, leadership, organizational success, and enhanced biochemistry. An international best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and seminar leader, Greg is CEO of FosterHicks, a company that provides people and organizations with the tools to thrive.


Greg is also an artist and cabaret performer who has taken his 30 years of global happiness research beyond science into the worlds of music and art. 

Greg and partner Rick Foster have traveled to more than 75 countries and all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica) interviewing people who have flourished despite every imaginable adversity. From the resulting acclaimed research, they developed the FosterHicks System of Nine Behaviors. This system, which has been studied at the Mayo Clinic and UCSF Medical Center, has proven to lead to an increased ability to adapt to change, better physical and emotional health, greater capacity to cope during times of illness and stress, and an overall higher quality of life.

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